About Us

IN2 Staffing Solutions was established in 2000 by Victoria Burakowski, she leads an experienced team of consultants. Her team is dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive an outstanding service.

At IN2 Staffing Solutions our candidates bring in more than their skills, training and enthusiasm. They bring you workforce flexibility by offering extra people only when you need them.

IN2 Staffing Solutions will set up the workforce you need by providing your company with access to immediate extra staff to:

• Cope with extra production requirements in those demanding times
• Replace employees absent due to annual leave, illness or long service leave
• Reduce the times spent in hiring, induction and training
• Provide people with specialist skills e.g. forklift drivers, skilled labourers, tradespeople etc

The benefits of IN2 Staffing Solutions and you working together as a partnership are :

• Improve profitability
• Increase production
• Manufacture expertise
• The ability to adapt to change in the workplace
• Reductions in staff hiring and training
• A workforce on demand
• Reduced overhead costs
• Responsible OH&S management and rehabilitation providers
• Accreditation by the National Safety Council of Australia

At IN2 Staffing Solutions, our business philosophy is to understand our client’s business needs and to provide them with a quality labour solution.

At IN2 Staffing Solutions we endeavour to work at developing a partnership with our client to learn and understand your company culture and develop long-term relationships with your staff and employees.

In turn the success of our business depends on our ability as a company to be the best service provider in the industry.

IN2 Staffing Solutions operates a comprehensive human resources database system. Our selection process ensures our candidates have experience in fast paced environment with the key focus being on providing the best candidate for the right role.